Here are all my public projects, they are also available on my Github!

  • JavaScriptHTMLCSSParcel

    Project's purpose:When I started learning about colors to train myself having some colors in mind quickly, I had the idea of creating a game. This new version allows to choose between RGB, HEXA and HSL with different level of difficulty : limited time and / or hits allowed.

    Tech purpose:The tech purpose was to use pure JavaScript and create a scoring system, evaluate user choices and manage different modes and difficulties.

  • ReactMobXFirebase (wip)API The Movie Database v3

    Project's purpose:The main purpose of Haveyousin is to receive a feed of movies about to be released or currently in movie theaters and having a to Watch list system (archives, favorites...). Moreover this is a kind of projects helping me to see the big picture of a project and product.

    Tech purpose:I wanted to rebuild from scratch Haveyousin in React and MobX in order to experiment it. Contrary to the first version built with Angularjs, I don't use the list system and account management offered by the API TMDB (The Movie Database) but instead use firebase connection system and database (it currently uses the localStorage, implementation of firebase being in wip). That's the possibility to see how works a progressive web application (PWA).

  • ReactExpress.jsD3Material UI

    Project's purpose:The monitor's purpose is to display the current CPU load average with a chart and display a notification to the user in case of high load average reached during x min. The high load limit, the time needed to consider a high load / recovery time and the time window history are configurable in the code (in file src/data reducers/ConfigContext.jsx) and will be soon available in the settings panel. NB: This project is not hosted yet

    Tech purpose:The tech purpose is to create an Express.js local API service and use D3 with React and discover how Material UI component Lib works. Working on Unix only.

  • GatsbyReactJavaScriptGraphqlCSS

    Project's purpose:My portfolio is my first playground, building this new version allowed me to be more free regarding the way I wanted it to look, and redefine my presentation.

    Tech purpose:This new version is made with Gatsby, I wanted to continue to use React and see how Gatsby works, how are implemented the plugins, how it uses Graphql, the management of a PWA etc.

  • JavaScriptHTMLCSSParcel

    Project's purpose:This is one of my first exercise in JavaScript. I really enjoy working on a former project to improve it, It allows to see the way we improve as Developer! The new version has a Lizard Spock version from TV show The Big Bang Theory! 🖖

    Tech purpose:Create a game system and manage modes applying same logic across the game.

  • Angular(1.x)HTML / CSS

    Project's purpose:Kwick Chat is a school project to create a chat interface and use the School API.

    Tech purpose:The main purpose of Kwick Chat was to use an API and the authentication management provided by the API, display and send messages in real time .

  • Angular(1.x)Webpack 3CSSHTMLAPI The Movie Database v4

    Project's purpose:The main purpose of Haveyousin is to receive a feed of movies about to be released or currently in movie theaters, and having a to Watch list system (archives, custom lists..).

    Tech purpose:The purpose to create a web app during the final exam using a framework JavaScript, I chose Angular 1.x because it was the one we've learnt during few months at school. For this project, I used the API TMDB(The Movie Database) and its list and account management. It allowed me to understand concepts as the usage of bearer token to authenticate, the usage of API, private/public pages.

  • CSSHTMLGulpPostcss

    Project's purpose:Having a website presenting myself and hosting my playground of side projects.

    Tech purpose:Create a responsive website, learn how to use a task manager(gulp), postcss and then deploy on an ovh web server. I've learnt how to do some basic server configuration, redirection urls etc.